A cinematic music video trailer for “That’s on Me” from Justin Great’s recent COLD BLOODED album release has just released. This trailer is a prequel to the upcoming full music video which is set to drop 7/26.Continue Reading


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COLD BLOODED the follow up to Justin Great’s NATURE mixtape will be available on all music platforms tomorrow 7/19.Continue Reading


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With Justin Great’s “COLD BLOODED” mixtape on the way, he takes some time to describe his journey and the process of making the project in his home studio. COLD BLOODED is set to release 7/19Continue Reading


Justin has finally announced the title and various cover art’s for his upcoming mixtape. Keeping in line with Justin’s design driven nature the project boasts 5 different cover arts, giving the people more than just a musical experience but more in the lane of audio/visual. Cover Art by Justin Great courtesy of LuxpirationContinue Reading


Justin putting the final touches on his new album wearing a few pieces form the Justin Great Season 2 collection. Photography by Danielle Webster – Electric LadyContinue Reading


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A Summer favorite from our Season 1 collection are now restocked in both black or white. Be sure to grab a pair before they are out as this is our last run! Now available here Model: Casey AbrahamPhotography: John YuContinue Reading


We partnered with Nobide drummer Matt McElwain to kick off a series of videos that will highlight talented individuals and how their GREAT craft crosses over with GREAT style. In this premier episode Matt will play 3 organic rhythms sparked by the inspiration of the Denver, CO skyline. Matt is wearing Justin Great Men’s Season […]Continue Reading