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As a follow up to his debut album release “FASHION” last week, Justin Great delivers a visual assist featuring the title track FASHION which like the entire album is produced by Justin himself. Great’s creative content and design company Luxpiration handles the colorful video direction and production.   Be sure to download or buy the […]Continue Reading


We’re excited to present Justin Great’s first official full studio album FASHION today!  FASHION is a 22 track music release that is entirely written performed and produced by Justin Great.  Justin has worked on the project extensively for 2 years now and it is now finally getting the opportunity to bring instant gratification to ears all over the world […]Continue Reading


A Happy Birthday to Our Justin Great! Don’t forget to shop our limited October 24 Tee: Here     Don’t forget to shop our limited October 24 Tee: Here  Continue Reading


The October 24 Tee is a limited piece that we made in celebration of Justin Great’s Birthday month and day.  The shirt was only produced with a scarecrow color-way for this limited run with the word October accenting the front and 24 accenting the back of the shirt. Shop our limited October 24 Tee: HereContinue Reading


  Here is the 2 in 1 music video Justin Great promised us from his latest mixtape.  It features frequent creative collaborator Samuel Ole as they bring us visuals from Rocky Mountain National Park (Keeping in theme with his NATURE project just released this past June). In addition, Justin self produced the music (beat) and directs/edits these […]Continue Reading


G.R.E.A.T. Bracelet (Go. Reach. Everyone. Around You. Today.) Shop Here Shop HereContinue Reading



Here is the premier of Swerve’s Around the World Music Video directed/produced by and featuring  Justin Great.  Continue Reading


Tomorrow visuals for “Around The World” by Swerve which features a verse and beat from Justin Great will be available for view.  The video takes place at a private air port and is also directed by Justin Great. Stay tuned for the presentation tomorrow afternoon!   Here are a few screen shots in the mean […]Continue Reading