Emeka Nnaka is a professional motivational speaker, coach and leading advocate for individuals with physical challenges. He brings a message of determination, inspiration, and hope to audiences of all ages, young and old.

A former championship semi-pro football player, Emeka sustained an injury that would end his career. In the face of the most extreme of circumstances, he chose not to give in and not give up.

Emeka is uniquely qualified to present life, its challenges, and its opportunities from the perspective of someone who found strength through tremendous adversity.

He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services from Langston University and his masters in Human Relations and Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Oklahoma. 

Recently, Emeka was featured on the Ellen Show where he was recognized for his service to the community and resilience through life’s challenges. 

“Overcoming disability was good. 
Getting my undergrad degree was good. 
Going to the gym is good. 
Volunteering with youth is good. 
Motivational speaking is good. 
Impacting my community is good. 

But I wasn’t born to be good. I was born to be great. Don’t settle for just good. Stay hungry. Keep chasing. Be great. Stay tuned.”

Emeka Nnaka

As a speaker, coach, and advocate, Emeka has made it his mission to inspire, encourage and ignite hope and determination in others to embrace their lives regardless of their circumstances. To find out more about Emeka, visit his website at www.emekannaka.com. You can also find him on Instagram @emekannaka.

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